Outil de Prévision de l'Évolution du Comportement des Chaussées

Welcome to OPECC !

OPECC is a tool for predicting the evolution of pavement behavior. You will be able to know the rutting and cracking behaviors of a given pavement structure. From the data entered in the sections " Project ", " Pavement structure ", " Traffic " and " Temperature ", the tool will simulate the constraints and deformations and then present the results in a report.


The OPECC tool was developed for the professional engineer in an educational context, to promote the understanding of the specific principles of a mechanistic design approach. From the perspective of cost-performance analysis, OPECC allows the comparison of different solutions adopted by the professional engineer to optimize the pavement structure according to its priorities.

Prenant en compte les choix de l'ingénieur professionnel, OPECC calcul les contraintes-déformations dans la structure de la chaussée et propose une évolution potentielle des performances à l'orniérage et à la fissuration par fatigue du revêtement dans un contexte modélisé. Le calcul de l'évolution de ces performances, issu de fonctions de transferts empiriques tirées de la littérature, prend en compte des coefficients de calage. Les coefficients de calage utilisés dans OPECC doivent être adaptés à l'utilisateur à l'échelle de l'ouvrage.


École de technologie supérieure does not offer any warranty for OPECC, the files it contains or the results obtained with its use. École de technologie supérieure cannot be held responsible for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages that could results, directly or indirectly, from the use of OPECC, the files it contains and the results obtained from it, whatever the context in which it was used.

OPECC's user understands and agrees that it’s an educational tool and that this tool cannot be used to do professional engineer‘s work.


OPECC may be updated, and additions or improvements can be made in the future. In this regard, you are invited to submit your comments and suggestions.

Version 2.8.0